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Safe switching and monitoring


Safety switch with separate actuator
Application: Safety switches with separate actuators are suitable for sliding, hinged and particularly removable safety guards, which need to be closed to ensure the necessary operational security. They are also suitable for fitting on profile sections and existing equipment. [more...]
Solenoid interlock
Application: AZM range solenoid interlocks, operating in combination with control elements of a machine, e.g. fail-safe standstill monitors or fail-safe delay timers, ensure that sliding, hinged and removable guarding devices, such as grids, hoods or doors, cannot be opened until hazardous conditions have come to an end. [more...]
Position switch
Application: Position switches with safety function are suitable for sliding and hinged safety guards which need to be closed to ensure the necessary operational security. In combination with safety monitoring modules all position switches class 1 shown in this chapter achieve Control Category 3 or 4 to EN 954-1. [more...]
Safety switch for hinged guards
Application: These safety switches are suitable for hinged safety guards, which need to be closed to ensure the necessary operational security. The variety of requirements to be found in practice can be met by means of the wide range of safety switches for hinged guards. [more...]
Safety sensors
Application: The magnetic safety sensors serve to monitor the position of sliding, hinged and removable safety guards. Sensors without integral evaluation can only be used for safety duties to DIN VDE 0660-209 in combination with a safety guard monitor for protection up to Control Category 4 to EN 954-1. [more...]
Pull-wire emergency stop switches
Application: Pull-wire Emergency Stop switches are mounted on machines and sections of plants which cannot be protected by guards. In contrast to mushroom head Emergency Stop push buttons, on pull-wire switches the Emergency Stop command can be initiated from any point on the wire. [more...]
Emergency-Stop button
Application: Command devices are of great importance for the man-machine interface in the area of industrial applications. For example, they are mounted in switch-boards, control panels, two-hand control panels, in lift manufacture and on materials-handling plants, including conveyors. [more...]
Safety light barriers
Application: Optoelectronic safety device are used as entry, danger point or danger zone guards. SLB range safety light barriers ar utilised as entry guards to dangerous areas. these protection devices operating without physical contact achieve Control Category 2 or 4 to EN 954-1 in combination with SLB 200-C safety monitoring modules. [more...]
Safety light curtains, Safety light grids
Application: Optoelectronic safety device are used as entry. SLG/SLC range safety light grids and light curtains can be integrated into the safety concept of the machine or plant even under tight space conditions by virtue of their very compact design. [more...]
Two-hand control panels
Application: Two-hand control panels are non-separating protection devices. In general, they serve to ensure the location of both hands of a machine operator who gives a control signal for a movement which can be dangerous. [more...]
Enabling device
Application: Together with other safety measures, consent switches are used to protect persons from potentially hazardous situations where machine guards need to be inactivated completely or in part in special operating modes. [more...]
Safety-related tactile sensor
Application: Actuated by physical contact, tactile safety monitoring devices stop the hazardous movement. The diversity of applications requires constructively different devices. [more...]
Foot switch
Application: Safety foot switches are mounted on machines and plants as permissive switches in cases where manual operation is not possible. [more...]
AS interface safety at work
Application: Unfortunately, this product group is not yet available in the new online catalogue. [more...]