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Safe signal processing


Guard door monitors and Safety control modules for Emergency
AES and SRB range safety monitoring modules serve for the secure evalution of switching signals. The signals can emanate from mechnical position switches, safety switches, magnetic safety sensors on sliding, hinged or removable guard doors. [more...]
Output expanders
Application: SRB range output expanders serve for the secure evalution of Emergency Stop circuits to Stop Category 0 and 1 to EN 60204-1. Versions without delay fulfil Stop Category 0 to EN 60204-1 and serve to provide additional contacts. [more...]
Multi-function safety modules
Application: Safety monitoring modules of the SRB series are designed to monitor all normal safety guard with electromechanical principle of operation such as emergency stop command devices, interlocking equipment with and without interlock, safety mats, etc. [more...]
Fail-safe standstill monitors
Application: AZR 31 S1 and FWS range standstill monitors serve for fail-safe registration of machine standstill and control of safety solenoid interlocks on sliding, hinged or removable guard doors. Depending on the external circuits arrangements [more...]
Fail-safe delay timer
Application: The AZS fail-safe delay timer serves for the secure measurement of a preset time. The enabling signal for the control system, which for example makes it possible to open a guard device, is only given when the present time has elapsed. [more...]
Input expander
Application: AES-E range input expander are suitable for the protection of machines and plants with up to four guard devices in combination with an AES guard door monitor. It is possible to monitor more than four guard devices by connecting a number of input expander in tandem. [more...]
Safety control modules for special applications
Application: Unfortunately, this product group is not yet available in the new online catalogue. [more...]