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Systeme Helmholz.



SIKO represented in Romania by CDL Electronic Ltd. SIKO develops and manufactures linear and rotary measurement systems, actuators and programmable individual screens for the whole field of machine.



SCHMERSAL GmbH is represented in Romania by the company CDL. Schmersal is a world specialist in the electronic security systems and protection. At SCHMERSAL you will find safety, safety relays, safety scanner. In addition SCHMERSAL also produces safety locks type AZM, AZ interlock solenoid, safety mats.

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Schmersal Schmersal Schmersal Schmersal Schmersal



Proxitron is a German company that brings new and innovative solutions for the steel industry and beyond. Their range includes inductive sensors, capacitive flow, infrared recording position, temperature. Proxitron is represented in Romania by CDL.

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Senzori inductivi Senzori inductivi Senzori inductivi

ACS Control systems


ACS Control Systems in Germany, represented in Romania by CDL Electronic SRL. ACS Control Systems manufactures pressure sensors, temperature sensors, sensors for measuring water level, flow meters, displays, signal converters, sensor technology.


Baumer AG represented in Romania by the company CDL Electronic is one of the largest manufacturer of sensors. Baumer offers these types of sensors:

  • Baumer electric includes proximity inductive sensors, detection includes metal, non-metals and metals detectives capacitive sensors, optical sensors for various applications with red light, laser, infrared, magnetic sensors for pneumatic cylinders Baumer, encoder, plug.
  • Baumer Process has products like the fluid sensors, transducers Baumer for pressure, differential pressure tranducers, temperature sensors, level sensors. Baumer has a great experience in the food area and Baumer is highly appreciated in these area.
  • Baumer Vision - offers a comprehensive range of cameras for inspection, shape, color, code reader from Baumer